Soft & Warm

Natural Fibers

Wool and cashmere are among the most popular choices in natural fibers.
Wool, sourced from sheep, is known for its excellent insulation and breathability,
making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities and winter garments.
 Cashmere, sourced from goats, is highly prized for its soft and luxurious feel,
often referred to as “soft gold”; Wearing cashmere clothing feels like being enveloped in soft clouds.

Washable Wool

We choose imported equipment from Italy to effectively strip and adjust the scales of wool fibers, allowing wool fabrics to maintain excellent performance and appearance even after washing, and bringing comfort and convenience to our lives.

Seamless Fabrics

By adopting fully automated computer programming, we bid farewell to the traditional process of weaving and stitching fabric pieces together. Seamless fabrics are the perfect combination of technology and art, integrating functionality and aesthetics.Seamless fabrics, contouring to the body shape, are not only practical and stylish but also reflect our pursuit of delicacy and quality.

Cashmere is a gift from heaven, known for its exquisite softness and unique qualities. Feel the warmth enveloped by cashmere, experience the taste of life, and showcase your extraordinary elegance.



Focus on technological innovation.
 With the help of equipment imported from Italy, we subject the wool to multiple rounds of the felting process.
Smooth lines, comfortable touch.
 Whether it's a blazer or a dress, you can always master it perfectly.



Love at one touch, embrace a quality life.
We redefine the wool and make innovation possible.
Free from constraints, washing with ease; Machine washable wool, only to awaken your love for life.


Choose wool and cashmere, pursue unique quality, and resonate with nature.

In the world of wool and cashmere, we have discovered a true luxury, a precious gift from nature. They are not just materials, but extensions of stories and a connection to the natural world. As wool and cashmere warm our bodies, they also bring inner peace and fulfillment.

Washable Wool and Cashmere