Inspiring Ingenuity Garments
Originated from Sustainability

Gaining intimate resonance with fashion and nature.

Clothing often seems to be with us only for a while, limited by comfort, or design judged by fashion, while at GOELIA, we believe that garments should be sustainable, which is not only a definition of fashion, but also a responsibility to the environment and society.

The apparel industry is one of the world's most polluting industries, accounting for 10% of global carbon emissions, more than international flights and shipping combined. Fashion items account for 20% to 35% of microplastics flowing into the oceans.

At GOELIA, we are also responding to the call for sustainable development with practical actions while we are aware of this crisis.

GOELIA is committed to promoting energy-saving and emissions reduction in our production and operations, to explore more sustainable opportunities for our customers, suppliers, employees and partners to share a healthier, greener and more peaceful future.


Practicing sustainability has become one of the top priorities of our development goals and GOELIA is determined to be a driving force in this process.

GOELIA has been practicing the aesthetic of female clothes (Ingenuity Garments) for 28 years and has insisted on the selection of natural and renewable fiber fabrics and the concept of trendy design, with simple styles, fashionable silhouettes and light fabrics, hoping that Ingenuity Garments will always accompany your beauty at an all-important moment and weave a sustainable fashion journey with our customers.


GOELIA rigorously selects eco-friendly natural fabrics to reduce the environmental impact of over-harvesting of raw materials and to offer consumers stylish and socially responsible choices.

We strive to minimize our carbon footprint and this starts with the selection of materials. Mulberry silk is the best choice. Its carbon footprint during production is close to zero, making it one of the most sustainable fabrics available. 

Garment disposal has become a global issue, with four-fifths of the world's discarded clothing entering the waste stream and being incinerated. At GOELIA, we hope every garment ends up in nature. Acetate can be biodegraded in freshwater and soil environments and can also be composted in industrial environments with a very low environmental impact. 


The detergents, solvents and dyes used in the manufacture of the apparel industry account for one-fifth of industrial water pollution. GOELIA is attempting to de-industrialize production to contribute to the eco-friendly sustainability of the industry. The XIANGYUN silk, made with scoparia plant juice as the dye and 100% mulberry silk as the embryo, is produced purely and naturally through clay sealing and sun drying.

1. Fabric from nature

2. Scoparia plant juice as the dye

3. Craftsman Handmade

4. Sun drying

In today's world of environmental and cultural trends, GOELIA is creating an inimitable natural beauty that makes high-quality Ingenuity Garments sparkle and last forever.


From April 22nd, GOELIA worldwide stores will gradually replace paper bags with eco-friendly tote bags and continuously review our stores to explore the best mechanisms for environmental friendliness. We sincerely invite all members to join us in a sustainable romance! 

The fabric is from Greenfield,
The quality is from Genuity.

GOELIA will partner with you to contribute to the preservation of the planet by providing you with Ingenuity Garments that are never out of style while minimizing carbon emissions!