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What Are Chino Pants?

by XiaoBo 16 Oct 2023

In an average man's closet you can find several variations of pants, from classic suit pairs to comfortable joggers. As for women's closets, here the assortment is even richer, and pleases the eye of its owner not only the "species" variety, but also all sorts of styles. And in such a riot, we think there will be one, and maybe several pairs of chino pants .

Don't know what chino pants are? We assure you that you have encountered them and more than once, and it is even possible that they are present in your closet, just because you do not know what chinos are. Chinos, what they are and how to wear them–let's look at everything in detail.

Chino pants are loose pants made of cotton or linen. Initially, they were made of 100% natural materials, but in recent years for convenience and increased wear resistance to them began to add synthetic fibers.

Chinos fabric has a characteristic twill weave with an oblique arrangement of threads. This feature provides sufficient stretchability of matter, but at the same time, due to the use of natural fibers, they are not deformed in places of hanging loads. The fabric for chino pants in its texture is similar to jeans, and therefore they can be called their alternative. However, chino pants are a lighter model, and more suitable for a warm period of time. But recently manufacturers have begun to "insulate" them by adding woolen fibers to the fabric.

Stylistically, chino pants can be attributed to the universal casual style. They combine practicality and comfort. By their "specialization" chinos are in an intermediate position between formal pants and informal jeans. They are quite allowed to appear in the office, but do not go to official and pompous events. At the same time, chinos are ideal for walking, travelling and friendly meetings.

The model range of chinos is multivariable. The following cut variants are distinguished:

Straight – a classic variant with straight pants. The fit is medium. They are fastened with buttons. They are considered a universal model, suitable for people of any age category and complexion.

Slim – Have a slightly tapered down silhouette. They are available in low and medium fit. Fasten with a zipper. This model perfectly corrects the shortcomings of the figure, as well as places the necessary accents on the winning sides of the physique.

Super slim – almost tight pants. The fit is exceptionally low. They are fastened with a zipper. It is noticed that such chino pants are more of a female model. They favorably emphasize the curves of the female body. Among men, such a variant is more often seen by young experimenters.

Relax fit – a variant with wide cut pants. The fit is medium. Fasten it with a button. This model will be appreciated rather by men who like freedom of movement.

The color range of chino pants is represented by the classics of the genre - khaki, beige, sand. In any case, you can notice that such chinos are massively present in the men's closet. For women's chinos designers recently along with the "classics" offer more colorful options - yellow, red, purple, etc.
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The History of Chino Pants

Like jeans, chino pants were originally utilitarian in nature. They first appeared in the uniforms of British colonial soldiers. According to legend, in the mid-19th century, a certain Harry Lumsden, commander of the British regiment stationed in India, in order to eliminate the unsightly appearance of light-colored uniforms of the military, invented to paint it with a mixture of gunpowder, coffee and mulberry juice. This solved two problems at once: on the one hand, the soldiers' uniforms no longer looked sloppy, on the other hand, they acquired camouflage properties, because in this version the soldiers were almost invisible against the background of Indian landscapes. Hindus called the simple colour of British clothing "khaki", which means "dusty".

The term "chino pants" appeared half a century later and was already associated with the form of American soldiers. In the early 20th century, during the Spanish-American military conflict for domination of the Philippines, the military of the United States used in their uniforms "find" of the British - all soldiers were dressed in colors that merge them with the local landscape. Fabric for sewing uniforms was purchased in China. Chinese fabric among the Spaniards was called "chinos", which meant "Chinese". This term quite quickly entered the everyday life of American soldiers, after which the name was fixed for the pants themselves.

Chino pants finally entered the civilian closet after the end of World War II. Soldiers returned from the front, and because of a lack of free money to buy new clothes, many men continued to wear military pants, combining them with civilian clothes. And just a couple of years later, the convenience and practicality of chinos appreciated and women appreciated. And in women's closet they have undergone many transformations – enriched with color, decoration, etc.

Difference Between Men's Chino Pants and Women's Chino Pants

Today, it can be argued that men's chino pants are as basic as jeans, but they are more versatile. By choosing the right stylistic "set" for them, you can easily adjust to any environment - from the most casual to formal.

Classic shirts and informal T-shirts, strict jackets and their club variations look equally well with chinos. By the way, recent designers offer men more strict chinos with arrows. By their nature, they do not differ from the usual chinos, but create a more formal mood. Naturally, in this case, it is better to refuse the now fashionable lapels.

Regarding shoes, there are also no restrictions – they can be worn with both sports shoes and classic shoes. Everything depends on the desired final image. But, according to most stylists, a win-win option for men who choose chinos - topsiders. They perfectly harmonize in style and allow you to play with images. So you can wear them to the office and for a walk.

Women's chino pants are not much different from men's models: the same cut, fabric and fashionable lapels. But fashion still likes to experiment with women's images, and therefore it is in the female variation of chinos pants that has undergone the most transformations. So, for example, it is in female variations can be found with increased content of synthetic threads, thanks to which you can create a more tight contour.

In addition, it is in women's collections you can see bright, sometimes even screaming colors.

Chino pants with bright prints and designs are also a privilege of women's closets.

In the question of "what to wear women's chino pants?" fashion is also more liberal. So ladies are allowed to appear in chinos at offices and official events. In this case, the "companions" to chino pants should choose strict blouses, jackets and cardigans. Shoes should necessarily be closed - shoes, loafers, oxfords.

For informal events, sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts, tops will do. Shoes are chosen according to the situation. If it is a date, then necessarily heels (sandals, mules, shoes).

Unlike men, women in China can even go to a party, unless, of course, it does not require a lady evening toilet. The main thing is to choose the top competently - a bright top, stiletto, stylish styling and accentuating accessories - all this will create the right festive entourage. Well, and most importantly, the chinos should be bright. No shabby faded colors. Interesting print – welcome.

As you can see, chino pants are quite practical and "plastic", they are equally well "feel" in almost all situations and in different combinations. And their convenience and unpretentiousness have caused their wide popularity among a wide range of consumers.
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Difference Between Chino Pants And Khakis

Chino pants date back to the early 20th century. Soldiers serving in China bought them there. The Chinese designed them with a flat front, narrow legs and a tapered hem to save on fabric. In addition, the lightweight fabric was designed to keep soldiers in cooler climates.

Khakis date back to British imperialism in India. In response to the tropical heat, soldiers dyed white cotton pants using native plants, resulting in the traditional color. Khakis became the standard issue uniform for the region. At the time, uniforms used the more durable fabric used today.

Chino pants are lighter than khakis. They are made of 100 percent cotton or cotton blended with a stretchy synthetic fiber. The weave is loose. Seams are usually hidden, as in classic pants. Chinos rarely require ironing, but if they do, ironing is easy.

Khakis tend to be heavier weight. They are always 100 percent cotton and always require proper ironing. Seams are usually visible.

Chino pants are more like comfortable classic pants. They have few pockets, and even they are hidden. The pockets do not have flaps. The front is flat. The legs are often cut narrow and taper at the bottom. Chinos pants come in all kinds of colors. Designers often paint them in bold colors.

Khakis comes in a cargo cut, loose with pockets and loops between the waist and knee. The front can be flat or pleated. The traditional color is khaki, dusty light brown or beige, but designers are now making them in earth tones, black and navy blue.

Chino pants are for more semi-formal occasions. They should be fitted on the body. Chinos pants are appropriate for professional day and nightclub work. Not all stylists agree on this, but the general idea is that chinos pants can be worn at a dinner party or wedding. They go well with a casual shirt and jacket combination, sweaters and button down shirts.

Khakis are casual pants designed to be worn as an alternative to jeans. They are suitable for casual Fridays or informal workplaces. They transition well from the office to casual occasions. They can also be worn for relaxed lunches and daytime events, and they work well when traveling. Khakis are the perfect combination of sturdy yet comfortable and the most popular choice for wearing while doing manual labor. Khakis pair well with polo shirts, button-down shirts, and t-shirts.
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