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What Does Petite Mean?

by 顺之 聂 16 Oct 2023

Today, many people, especially those with an eye for fashion, have started using the unusual word " petite." When most people hear the word and they assume it means "tiny." It is a French word that translates to "small." So what does petite mean? In the fashion world, the term refers to clothing sizes that are often described as "short" or "delicate."

According to The New York Times, petite fashion sizes first appeared in the late 1940s when Hannah Troy noticed that regular clothes were too long for women with short waists. However, many years after miniature sizing was introduced to the fashion world, relatively few designers took note and there was little choice. While not all clothing manufacturers offer petite sizing, an increasing number do. Retailers also continue to expand their selection of clothing to meet the needs of their customers.

Petit clothing is a great solution for those who are looking for more delicate and graceful pieces. It is suitable for women of all ages and styles. These clothes can be both classic and trendy and can be combined with various closet items. What is this word and how does it relate to fashion? Let's get to the bottom of it.

What Height Is Considered Petite?

It is known that the average height of women in many countries does not exceed 1.65 meters. However, not all models of clothes on the market correspond to this parameter. In the fashion industry, the term petite refers to a standard clothing size designed specifically for women of small stature (160 cm and below). Thus, we can say that petite is not even a size, but a body proportion. If you are in this height range, it will usually fit you best, regardless of your build or age.

As a rule, the standard size chart is designed for women whose height is at least 165 cm. But such clothes often do not correspond to the parameters of short girls. And it's not just the length of the sleeve or the length of the pants, but also the inner seam running along the back. That is why some fashion designers have introduced a separate category of petite clothing.

What Is Petite-Size Clothing?

This type of clothing originated in Japan and quickly became popular around the world. This style represents several trends, each with its own unique style.

Lolita is one of the most popular petite clothing trends, inspired by the book of the same name. Lolita clothing is characterized by romantic elements such as puffy skirts, dresses with embroidery and lace, bows, and butterflies. This style requires precision and precision in detail, so Lolita clothing is often homemade or custom-made.

Gothic is another of the most popular trends in petite clothing. This style is characterized by black, a combination of leather and corsets, metallic elements, tassels and wedges, and bright red accents. Gothic clothing can be elegant or aggressive depending on the details and accessories.

Steampunk is one of the most extravagant and original trends in petite clothing. It is characterized by the use of antique materials and mechanisms, such as bronze, copper, brass, faceted glass, etc. The main element of steampunk style is brutality, wheels, and gears, which are often topped with wings or helmets.

Although this type of clothing has its own standards and rules, it is important to remember that in the end it is just an individual choice, and fashion should be primarily comfortable and convenient.

Petite clothing is clothing for women of short stature. Such clothing differs from standard clothes in that their sizes correspond to the figure of women with small stature.

It is based on the concept of emphasizing the virtues of short women, emphasizing their femininity and elegance. Such clothes should not only be well-tailored and comfortable but also have the right cut and proportions that will perfectly match the figure of short women. Petite clothing can be represented by both casual clothes and more formal outfits. It can use different colors and materials. But the main thing is the correct cut and approach to fabric selection, which will harmonize with the figure and complement the image.

How Is Petite Size Different from Regular Size?

Characteristic features of petite clothing:

Size proportions that fit the short women's figure;
Short or cropped pants and skirts; Elongated clothing tops;
Interesting details of the decoration and special cut elements favorably emphasize the advantages of the figure.

In addition to altered parameters, petite clothing may have a particular construction or design that intentionally "elongates" the torso. For example, vertical stripes, scalloped seams, shortened skirts, flared prints, or patterns that spiral around the body.

This clothing styles may differ slightly from regular-size lines. Designers want their appearance to be taller. Thus, you will find more vertical stripes, princess seams, smaller prints, smaller buttons, and thinner waistbands. Monochrome outfits look sleeker. You'll also find fewer styles made of voluminous materials that can overwhelm a woman 160 centimeters or under.

What's interesting is that more and more often there are collections of clothes designed to get the opposite effect – a visual reduction in height. For example, clamdigger pants or midcalf skirts. Unfortunately, not all stores offer clothing items for non-standard proportions. But when an online store launches such petite clothing for sale, they are bought up very quickly.
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Who Should Wear Petite Sizes?

Petite clothing is designed specifically for women of small stature to create a harmonious look and emphasize their individuality. This kind of clothing size is becoming increasingly popular as it makes it easier to find clothes that fit perfectly. This size is ideal for women with a height of up to 160 cm and men with a height of up to 170 cm. Also, these clothes will look good on girls and women with slim figures and small busts.

Clothing in petite size has shorter sleeves, shorter pants and skirts, and a smaller chest, waist, and hip circumference. This allows them to better fit the proportions of a small figure. If you have a small stature and your figure proportions don't conform to standard sizes, petite sizing may be the right choice for you. It will help you create a harmonious look and emphasize the advantages of your figure.

It is important to remember that every figure is unique, and the choice of size should be based on individual features. Petite size can fit not only people with short stature but also those with short legs, short waist, or small breasts. Ultimately, the best size is the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes.

Choosing the right size is based on several factors. First, it is necessary to determine your individual measurements: height, chest, waist, and hip volumes. Secondly, it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer, as the size range may differ slightly for different brands. Also, you can refer to the size chart that each manufacturer offers.

However, you should not rely entirely on size charts, as they can be relative and do not take into account the peculiarities of your figure. It is best to try on clothes to assess their fit and comfort. Pay attention to the length of pants, sleeves, and dresses so that they match your height.

So, choosing a petite size is an individualized process that requires several factors to be involved. It is important to find a balance between style and comfort to look stylish and feel confident. If you have started to notice that the usual clothes are too big for you, and buying things in the children's goods section does not help much, then you are advised to pay attention to petite clothes.

For petite women, there are many stylish and fashionable clothing and product options that will help emphasize their personality and create a harmonious look. Here are a few styles that work particularly well for this size:

Tight silhouettes: short girls are usually better suited to tight-fitting pieces that emphasize their figure. A petite stature allows you to wear dresses and sweaters with narrow waist accents or necklines deeper than the neck.

High Waists: High Waists create a visual effect to lengthen the legs and visually make the height appear taller. Therefore, high-waisted skirts, pants, and shorts are a great choice for short girls. Minimal prints: Miniature prints or monochrome pieces stand out best on a petite height without visually straining it. They create a calm image and will not "flood" the owner visually.

Cropped items: Cropped tops, cropped sweaters, jackets, and coats allow petite girls to create fashionable and modern images. They highlight the waist and emphasize her figure.

Vertical lines: Clothing and accessories with vertical stripes or lines create a visual effect of elongation and height. Items such as vertical striped blouses or pants can be a great choice.

Shoes: When choosing shoes for petite girls, it is important to keep proportion and balance in mind. High heels and low-heeled shoes can help create a visual effect of lengthening the legs and adding height.

How to Measure Your Size?

Finding the right petite size is an important step for women of short stature, as improperly fitting clothing can create a mismatch in proportions and negatively affect the overall appearance.

The following methods are recommended to determine the appropriate petite size:

Body measurement
Using centimeter tape, you need to measure your bust, waist, and hips. It is important to know your bust, waist, and hip size in order to choose the right clothes. You should measure these parameters with soft seam tape, while not pulling it hard. Compare your measurements to the size chart. Most manufacturers provide size charts for their garments.

Compare your measurements to those listed in the chart and choose the appropriate size. Your choice of petite size may also depend on your preference for the garment's fit. Some people prefer a snug fit, while others prefer a loose and roomy fit.

Trying on clothes
Come to the store and try on petite clothing of different sizes to get an idea of how it fits your figure.

Stylist Consultation
If you are in doubt about your size or want professional help, ask a stylist or store clerk who can help you decide on the right size.
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